Weight Management Program

weight loss

Weight loss may not be as simple as “calories in” vs “calories out”. Lack of activity, stress, blood sugar dis-regulation, a sluggish liver, systemic inflammation and hormonal imbalances can all have a huge effect on metabolism. People can diet and exercise as much as they want, but if there are other influences occurring simultaneously, results can suffer.

Dr. Viinberg’s weight loss program is often successful because it is customized to meet the specific needs of the individual. She will help you moderate the habits and underlying behaviours which keep your weight on while helping you address the reasons why you have actually gained weight in the first place.

Consultations will provide a motivational environment that will give you access to:

  1. Individualized diet with nutritional and exercise counseling
  2. Lab diagnostics to address micronutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances
  3. Weekly acupuncture sessions to decrease food cravings
  4. Weekly vitamin B injections to increase energy (when indicated)
  5. Professional-line vitamin and herbal supplements (when indicated)

Take the challenge. You have nothing to lose…only your weight.

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