Gastrointestinal Health

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A healthy digestive system is key to proper overall functioning in the body. The old saying goes “You are what you eat” but in naturopathic medicine it is also important to understand that “You are what you absorb“. The ability of the body to carry out its activities depends initially on every cell having access to important nutrients. These vital nutrients, however, can be depleted by recurrent digestive problems and this will lead to the development of other health concerns.

A few of the factors that can affect the function of the digestive system include:

  1. Mental/emotional stress – Stress and anxiety can influence your nervous system to “shut down” your digestive system
  2. Food sensitivities – Foods that you are eating regularly could be irritating the inner lining of your digestive tract
  3. Improper gut flora – Overuse of antibiotics and poor diet can disrupt the levels of healthy bacteria in your digestive tract
  4. Medication side-effects – Use of certain drugs such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) commonly have side-effects in the digestive tract

Dr. Viinberg can help you to identify the cause of your digestive problems and treat them. Treatment options include:

  • Diet Modification
  • Food Allergy Testing
  • Nutrition Supplementation

Skin Health


Skin problems can be greatly reduced by dietary changes, supplementing with essential fatty acids, zinc, and vitamin B, botanical medicine, acupuncture, and lifestyle adjustments. Below is a list of commonly treated conditions:


  • Caused by an abnormal response to testosterone, acne can be triggered by poor diet, food sensitivities, hormonal fluctuations, excess body fat, stress, prescription medications, recreational drugs, environmental toxins and cosmetics.
  • Viinberg will treat the cause of your acne, guiding you through diet and lifestyle adjustments, and recommending topical creams, detoxification treatments, herbs, nutritional supplements, and acupuncture.


  • Though the causes of psoriasis are unique to each individual, triggers such as excessive sun exposure, alcohol consumption, being overweight, stress and skin irritation from fabrics or cosmetics can be identified.
  • Advice about diet and lifestyle adjustments, nutritional supplements and herbs, and naturopathic treatments such as hydrotherapy and acupuncture, can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of your psoriasis flare-ups.


  • Frequently associated with a family history of allergic disorders, eczema flare-ups may be triggered by stress, fragrances, air quality, dust mites, household furnishings, chemicals, fabrics, detergents and foods.
  • Some patients find relief from avoiding foods they are sensitive to, such as wheat, dairy, shellfish, oranges, peanuts, food preservatives, and corn.
  • Dr. Viinberg can help relieve symptoms by prescribing dietary and lifestyle adjustments, nutritional supplements, acupuncture, detoxification, botanical remedies and topical herbal applications.


  • By addressing the root cause of your rosacea, symptoms can dramatically be reduced.
  • After conducting a thorough health assessment, supplements (such as hydrochloric acid, B vitamins, pancreatic enzymes and fish oils), diet and lifestyle adjustments, topical creams containing botanicals and/or azelaic acid, and therapies to boost immunity and reduce stress may be prescribed.
  • Many patients with rosacea also suffer from indigestion and migraines, since all three can share common causes such as food sensitivities and low stomach acid. Treating the underlying cause of rosacea using naturopathic medicine will often relieve other, seemingly unrelated health concerns.

Other Conditions Commonly Treated by Dr. Viinberg are:


  • Immune: autoimmune conditions, allergies, colds, flus, sore throats, ear infections, lung infections, urinary tract infections
  • Sleep Disorders: insomnia, trouble falling or staying asleep, not waking rested, restless sleep
  • Fatigue, exhaustion, burnout
  • Mood Disorders: depression, anxiety, seasonal affective disorder
  • Disease Prevention and Health Optimization


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