What to expect at the first visit:

The first visit will take 50-60 min in total. It is an assessment session where a thorough intake is taken of chief health concerns, medical history, complaint oriented physical exam, and possible urinalysis and blood glucose test. Patients are encouraged to bring in any recent blood work and/or imaging.

Note: There is also an “Acute” patient option that is generally reserved for muskuloskeletal pain as a primary concern. This would generally involve a 30 minute initial including an orthopedic screen.


What to expect at the second visit:

This is scheduled 2 business days after the initial visit to allow for a detailed review of findings and creation of an individualized treatment plan. It is generally 45 min long, and consists of an overview of important findings and how the treatment will progress. Typical follow-ups are 1-3 weeks (depending on concern).