To find out more, free 10 minute naturopathic consultations are offered to anyone interested. It’s a good opportunity to meet the rest of the team, see the space, and find how your health concerns can be addressed. Common topics discussed are:

  • Health goals
  • Current Supplements
  • How naturopathic medicine can help

We discuss your health concerns, and inform you about treatment options, and how we can best help your condition. We will find out what you have tried in the past, and a treatment strategy to move forward.

Informational sessions are zero commitment, and you have professional assurance that you will not be pressured to book an appointment. While no personal medical advice can be given during these sessions, anything discussed is treated as absolutely confidential. Come find out what it’s all about!


Book your free consult online

Email: beaches@omegahealthandfitness or call 647.317.6017 to schedule an appointment with reception.